Win Zip Installation & Set-up

What is a "zipped" file? Basically, it is similar to a file folder with compressed or "squeezed" files in it. It is most often used for saving space, for storing files together that need to be stored together, and for putting several files together for sending to other people with email or on web pages. Since web space can be expensive, most people who offer files for downloading will store their files inside a zipped file. If you have a file name that ends with ".zip"--you have a zipped file.

Winzip is one of the leading applications for compressing and uncompressing files. Winzip can compress many files into a single compressed file called an archive.. It can also open an archive and allow selected compressed files to be extracted as full, ready-to-use files.

WinZip is standard on all URI machines however if you do not have the compression program on your home computer, you can download the evaluation version at

For those of you who have never used Win Zip or who find it confusing, this tutorial has been written to help you learn how to master zipping and unzipping files.


Win Zip Tutorial - extracting files

Once you have your zipped file downloaded, open up Win Zip and you will see this screen:

Click on the Next button and this is the next screen you will see:

The file you downloaded may appear in this list and if it does, just click on it and then click on the Next button to proceed. But, if your zip file does not appear on the list - click on the Search button to find your zip file. This will be the next window that will open up:

Choose Let me find it (not automatic) and click on Ok. And you will get this window:

You then proceed through your folders until you find the folder where you have stored your zip file and double click on your folder.

When you find your zipped file double click on it and you will now come to this screen:

Now click on the Next button and you will see a screen with a box asking if you want to add this folder to your favorite zip folders - you can choose either Yes or No. What this question is asking is if you want to add the folder where you have stored your zip file to your favorite zip folders. For this tutorial, we chose no because we did not want our file to be unzipped into a new folder. We want to unzip our file into a folder we have already created.

Now you can choose the folder where you want to store this file.

If you want to store the unzipped contents at the folder that is in the Selected folder box, then just click Unzip Now. But if you want your files stored elsewhere, click the Select different folder button. Sometimes you may have folders set up where you wish certain contents to be saved. And if that is the case, you have the ability with Winzip to place it in the folder of your choice.

Once you have determined the folder where you want to store your unzipped file contents, click Ok.

Then the following box will appear:

Now click Unzip Now and your file contents will unzip to the folder where your files are to be stored.

This seems complicated but it really isn't once you have done it a few times. It is a great program for compressing files.

Win Zip Tutorial - compressing files

Open WinZip. When it first opens, it should look something like this:

Toward the top of the window, you should see a [NEW] button. Click that button. You could also go to the file menu and select "New Archive." Now you should see something like this:

WinZip is prompting you now for a location for your new archive file. Select a location for your new archive file. In this example, you would open up "My Computer," select a destination directory (such as C:\Data\), and give your new archive file a file name. In my example, I'm calling the file "New Archive." If you are not using Windows 95, you'll need to use a shorter file name.

Now all you have to do is ADD files to your newly-created archive file. In my version of WinZip (version 6.3 beta), the software automatically opens up a window asking you for files to add to the archive. It looks like this

You can select one or several files to add to the archive file at this point. For this example, I selected only one file.

Now if you want to add more files to the same archive, just click on the [ADD] button at the top of the WinZip window. You'll see the same window as before, so all you have to do is select the files you want to add, and when finished, click the [ADD] button on the screen.

You're done! Just close the file you've created in WinZip, and you've got your archive!