CSC 101 Homework Assignment

Operating Systems

Due: Section 1 Oct 11; Section 2 Oct 12

50 points

Type the following questions into a Microsoft Word document. Answer the questions about the computer on which you are working. For each question, you must include a screenshot showing where you found the information, and answer each of the followup questions. All screenshots must be included in the Word document as 3.5 inches high in JPG form with Quality Level 4 (60% compression); how to achieve this (using Photoshop Elements) is explained in the screenshot link above.

Hint: You may want to use the Belarc Advisor program - a program that tells you many things about your computer. It is installed in the Utilities menu on all machines in the Tyler Lab. It is also available for (free) download at

  1. What CPU is installed in the machine? (e.g. Pentium 4 2.80 GHz)
  2. How much memory is installed in the machine (e.g. 256 MB RAM)
  3. What is the size of the hard disk and how much space is free? (e.g. 26.0 GB Hard Disk, 10.8 GB free)
  4. What is the screen area and resolution of the machine? (e.g. screen area: 1280 by 960 pixels, screen resolution:16 bit)
  5. What version of Windows does your computer use? (e.g. Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.2195)
  6. What is the size of virtual memory on your system? (e.g. 468 MB)
  7. What is the network identifier (name) of your computer? (e.g. "Joe Smith", or "lab26")
For each of the following questions include a screenshot of where you would go to change the indicated setting.
Here is an example: Changing the Date and Time on Your Computer
  1. Change the language of the keyboard.
  2. Change how fast your mouse pointer moves.
  3. Remove a program from your computer.
  4. Show hidden files.

What to Hand In

All questions, answers, and screen shots should be included in a single Microdoft word document. Save the document as <lastname>_hw4.doc (your last name) and upload it to the CS server in your Section's Submit folder.