Linking Documents in Excel

Excel can dynamically link a workbook to source data in another workbook so that any changes you make in one workbook are immediately reflected in the other workbook.

The following terms apply to linking documents:

Creating Links between workbooks

You will need two workbooks to create a link. The company workbook will serve as your first and as the Source Workbook. The second workbook will be created and serve as the Dependent Workbook.

Let's start by creating the Dependent Workboook.

Choose New from the File menu to start a new workbook.

Create the following workbook and call it budget:

Select cell C6 and enter the formula =C4+C5.

Select cell C11 and enter the formula =C9+C10.

Select C13 and enter the formula =C6-C11.

Your budget workbook should look as follows:

It is now time to create a link between the workbooks; company and budget.

Have both workbooks open.

In the Source Workbook: company select cell F18.
This is the cell you want to refer. You want to insert this value into your budget workbook.

Click the Copy button or choose Copy from the Edit menu.

A moving border should appear around cell F18.

Switch to the budget workbook.
This is the workbook you want to paste the linked data.

Select cell C4.
This is the cell in which you want the linked data to appear.

Choose Paste Special from the Edit menu.

The following Paste Special dialog box should appear:

Choose All in the Paste box and None in the Operation box.

Choose the Paste Link button to paste the link into cell C4.

Your budget workbook should look as follows:

Excel created an external reference formula that links the workbooks. This formula appears in the formula bar.

You have successfully linked two documents. You can now play around with What If? analysis and see how changes in the the Book Company's income will effect your personal budget.

Save your changes.

One of Excel's major features is its ability to produce charts that illustrate the numbers on the worksheets you produce. In the last part of the tutorial you will learn the creation, formatting, and printing of charts.

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