Bookmarking in Mozilla Firefox 2

Bookmarking provides a way for you to permanently record the addresses (URL's) of your favorite web sites or of a web site you would like to remember and perhaps visit again some time in the future. The Bookmarks persist from one browser session to another and do not disappear unless you manually delete them. Thus, unless someone else deletes them they will be there to view when you return. Follow the instructions provided below to create and export your own bookmark file.

Viewing Bookmarks

Bookmarks offer a convenient means to retrieve pages whose locations (URL's) you've saved. Bookmarks are stored in a list, saved on your hard drive. Once you add a bookmark to your list, the item stays until you remove it or change lists. The permanence and accessibility of bookmarks make them invaluable for personalizing your internet access.

Step 1:

Open a new Mozilla Firefox 2 browser window. For this example, we will be using URI's main web page ( Select "Bookmarks" from the menu bar at the top of the browser window, as shown in the image below. This is where you will manage your bookmarks.

Step 2:

To view your current bookmarks, choose "Organize Bookmarks" from the Bookmark dropdown menu. The following window displaying your bookmark folders will appear. Click the + symbol to expand the folders.

Adding Bookmarks

Step 3:

First create a new bookmark folder. To do this, select the "New Folder" icon from the Bookmarks Manager. This feature allows you to organize your bookmarks into specific folders. When prompted, type "csc101" in the folder name text box, as shown in the image below, then click ok.

Step 4:

To add the URL of a website to your bookmarks, first visit the desired website in your browser, then choose "Bookmark This Page..." from the Bookmarks menu. You will be prompted to enter a name for your bookmarked page and choose a folder to place the bookmark in. Choose the csc101 folder from the "Create in" dropdown menu, as shown below, then click ok.

Step 5:

To view your recently added URL, select "Bookmarks" from the menu bar then move your cursor over the csc101 folder as shown below. Notice that your new "csc101" folder and URI's web page have been added!

Exporting Bookmarks

Step 6:

To export your bookmarks file to your hard drive, select "Organize Bookmarks" from the Bookmarks menu (as done in step 2). This time, choose File >> Export as shown below.

When prompted, choose to save the bookmarks file to your desktop, as shown below, then click save.

Your bookmarks.htm file will appear on your desktop. To open the file, either double click the bookmarks icon on your desktop, or open a new Firefox browser window, select File >> Open File... >> then browse for your bookmarks.htm file. Once opened, the file should look similar to the one shown below.

Deleting Bookmarks

Step 7:

To delete a web site from your bookmarks, select "Organize Bookmarks" from the Bookmarks menu. Select the web site that you wish to delete, then click the "delete" icon, as shown below.