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Behavourial Model of Pedestrian Dynamics under Emergency Evacuation and non-Emergency Scenarios Using Cellular Automata
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  Download the project abstract.
  Object and Rule Models.
  Conceptual Models Paper Draft, July 30, 2004

A pattern for the Integration of Conceptual Models in Support of Multidisciplinary Efforts to Develop Software

  Conceptual Framework Paper Draft, Aug. 2004
  Software Prototype, Version 0.0, Model and Documentation, Aug. 2007
  A Concept for the Immersion of Social Science Constructs into Simulations of Pedestrian Evacuation from Buildings - citation


The goal of this project is to develop models to support a prototype similation tool that will permit professionals to analyze the various geometric and human factor elements that influence the ways which pedestrians move in buildings during emergency and non-emergency situations. This is a multidisciplinary project that brings together safety professionals, and researchers (faculty and students). The research expertises are from civil egineering, computer science, industrial and manufacturing engineering, psychology, and social psychology.


Other Organizations Involved: Rhode Island Airport Agency

Other Collaborators and Contacts:
Kevin Culley (Director of Safety and Risk Management, University of Rhode Island)