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Presentations (Spring 2023)

Each presentation must be developed by teams of one or two students. The goal of each team member is to become an expert in one of the following topics and jointly prepare a presentation for the class. A maximum of 15 minutes will be given to students for their presentations. The deliverable is a set of slides in PDF format related to the topic of your choice.

What? Who?
Storage Technologies David, David
Random Access Memory Technologies David, Omar
Raspberry Pi Mark, Bryce
ARM Cortex A Alexander
ARM Cortex M Joshua, Vanno
SiFive Aidan, Ethan
Samsung Exynos Parker
Apple’s M2 Cody, Ade
Apple’s M2 Ben, Remy
Apple A series Brennan, Joey
Intel’s 12th Generation Marcos, Nick
Intel's Xeon Carl, Aaron
Hyperthreading Nicholas, Harrison
Hyperthreading Matthew
Near-memory Computing Christopher, Jordan
Meltdown and Spectre Diego
JIT Compilation Donavan
Loop Optimizations Stephanie
FPGAs Henry, Kevin
Neocortex Michael
NVIDIA GPU Michael, Muhammad
Google’s TPU Emory, William


On the day of your presentation, the instructor will be observing and assessing the following items.

  • Introduction provides context and lays out the topic nicely [10 pt]
  • Information is presented in a logical sequence [15 pt]
  • Appropriate amount of material is presented [20 pt]
  • Slides are well-organized and visual aids are used appropriately [15 pt]
  • Good communication with good use of assigned time [20 pt]
  • Team appears well-prepared, mastering the assigned subject [20 pt]