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Presentations (Fall 2021)

Each presentation must be developed by teams of three students. Exceptions may be granted with written permission from instructor (via Ed). The goal of each team member is to become an expert in one of the following topics and jointly prepare a presentation for the class. According to the dates below, a maximum of 25 minutes will be given to students for their presentations. The deliverable is a set of slides in PDF format related to the topic of your choice.

Each team must collect feedback and get approval from the instructor at least four days before the presentation. Please upload your presentation to Gradescope in advance and let your instructor know about it.

What? When? Who?
Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) Dec 6 Salam, Jessica, Joori
Maximum A Posteriori Estimation (MAP) Dec 6 Reilly, Billy, Abby
Collaborative Filtering Dec 6 Jake, Mehrsa, Tim
K-Means ++ Dec 8 Victoria, Jason, Nathan
Gaussian Mixture Models Dec 8 Nayan, CJ, Danny
Gradient Boosting Dec 8 James, Ryan, Robert
Pytorch (crash course) Dec 8 Jack, Liz, Shawn
Tensorflow/Keras (crash course) Dec 8 Arlen, Sandra, Caroline
Hidden Markov Models Dec 8 Thibaut
Convolutional Neural Networks Dec 13 Patrick, Jordan, Justin
Autoencoders Dec 13 Osama, Sedat, Riley
Long Short-Term Memory Networks Dec 13 Anakin, Tony
Generative Adversarial Networks Dec 13 Masoud, Maryam, Lily
Word Embeddings / Word2Vec Dec 13 Christopher
Deep Reinforcement Learning Dec 13 Alfred, Brennan, Ray


On the day of your presentation, the instructor will be observing and assessing the following items.

  • Introduction provides context and lays out the topic nicely [15 pt]
  • Appropriate amount of material is well-communicated within the allotted time [20 pt]
  • Team appears well-prepared, mastering the assigned subject [30 pt]
  • Slides are well-organized, and visual aids are used appropriately [20 pt]
  • Team answers questions correctly [15 pt]