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Final Workshop (Fall 2021)

Each project must be proposed and developed by teams of 3 students. Exceptions may be granted with written permission from instructor.


  • Project proposal: (by Nov 10th)

    • A PDF document including the following information: Project Title, Team Members, Problem Statement, Description of Data, Description of Methods
  • Final report: (by Dec 13th, late submissions until Dec 20th)

    • A PDF document including the following information: Project Title, Team Members, Introduction, Related Work, Methods, Experiments, Conclusion
  • Final presentation: (by Dec 13th, late submissions until Dec 20th)

    • Students will prepare a presentation, up to 10 minutes, that will be presented in-person during the Final Workshop.

For each of the three deliverables above, a PDF copy must be uploaded to Gradescope before the due dates.

Outstanding projects will get a final grade of A in this class regardlesss of other scores.

Final Workshop

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This workshop is being sponsored by a TensorFlow and Google AI award to support machine learning courses and diversity programs.


  • Location:
    • Galanti Lounge, URI Library
  • Schedule:
    • 2:30pm Food and Refreshments
    • 3:00pm Presentations
  • List of Projects:
    • DRL for Compiler Optimization -- Ray, Alfred, Brennan (OUTSTANDING project)
    • Forecasting Cryptocurrency -- Jessica, Joori, Salam
    • Crypto Prediction -- Ryam, Robert, James
    • Fraud Detection -- Reilly, Abigail, Billy
    • Sentiment Analysis of Coronavirus Tweets -- Masoud, Maryam, Lily
    • Stroke Prediction -- Anakin, Tony
    • Heart Attack Analysis and Prediction -- Nathan, Victoria, Jason
    • Predicting Obesity Status -- Jack, Elizabeth, Shawn
    • Clustering for Species of Penguins -- Nayan, CJ, Danny
    • Movie Recommendation -- Tim, Jake, Mehrsa (OUTSTANDING project)
    • Speech Recognition -- Thibaut, Christopher (OUTSTANDING project)
    • Play that Funky (Tensor)Flow -- Arlen, Sandra, Caroline
    • March Madness -- Patrick, Justin, William
    • Predicting Soccer Player's Position -- Riley, Sedat, Osama