Software I’ve released

  • MICA MICA accelerates metagenomic search (BLASTX and DIAMOND).
  • Ammolite Ammolite accelerates small-molecule search.
  • CaBLASTP is a compression-accelerated variant of the protein BLAST family of software, for protein sequence search. It’s written in Go.
  • Ammolite Mattbench, not really software, is a benchmark set for protein alignment, similar to SABMARK or HOMSTRAD.
  • SMURFLite is a web application for protein remote homology detection, specifically in beta-structural proteins.
  • Formatt is a protein structural aligner that also incorporates sequence alignment information.
  • Ammolite MRFy is a protein remote homology detection tool that also focuses on beta-structural proteins (for now). It’s written in Haskell.