CSC/MTH 447 - Discrete Mathematics

Fall 2012


Dr. Lutz Hamel
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[12/19/12] Posted solutions to the fnal.
[12/10/12] version 2 of final posted...corrected some typos. [12/10/12] posted solutions for assignment #7
[12/6/12] posted assignment #8
[12/5/12] posted midterm 2 solutions
[11/28/12] posted assignment #7
[11/19/12] ** The Midterm 2 exam is available now. Due date is Wednesday 11/28 in class. **
[11/15/12] the 2nd midterm is coming...
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[11/1/12] Posted assignment #6
[10/17/12] Posted solutions to midterm #1
[10/15/12] Posted solutions to assignment #5 and for class exercise 10/15
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[10/4/12] Posted assignment #4
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[9/27/12] Posted assignment #3, see below
[9/27/12] posted an updated version to the class exercise of 9/26, it now also has formal proofs in addition to the solution from the book, the formal proofs can be seen as templates for some of the proofs in HW#3.
[9/26/12] posted solutions to class exercise 9/26
[9/24/12] Posted solutions to today's, 9/24, class exercise.
[9/20/12] Posted solutions to all class exercises up to now.
[9/20/12] Posted assignment #2
[9/19/12] Posted solutions for assignment #1
[9/14/12] Please read the directions for the homework problems carefully before attempting to solve them!
[9/14/12] Posted solutions for class exercises 9/9 and 9/12.
[9/12/12] Posted assignment #1, see below.
[9/1/12] Welcome!


This course is an introduction to the mathematical study of discrete objects. In it, you will learn how to construct proofs, as well as read and write formal mathematics. You will also become familiar with a range of standard mathematics concepts commonly used in computer science and particular areas of mathematics.

Discrete mathematics is the part of mathematics devoted to the study of discrete (as opposed to continuous) objects:

The kinds of problems that can be solved using discrete mathematics include:

The goals of the course are:

Documents of Interest:


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