Intelligent Transportation Systems
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Intelligent Transportation Systems

The intent of these multidisciplinary URITC and RIDOT funded projects is to provide new data analysis models and software prototypes for traffic management in Rhode Island. The team is collecting and analyzing traffic data and developing analytical and predictive models for traffic management. At the same the group is developing software designs and prototypes that integrate GIS, Web, and database technology to provide information to the various stake holders (the traveling public, the DOT, safety and crisis management professionals). These projects are also providing good practical and educational experiences to the graduate students who are involved in the work.

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Year-1 (1999-00)

The Design and Development of Information and Computer Systems for URITC

-Dr.Joan Peckham, Dr.Lisa Dipippo and Dr.Victor Fay Wolfe

Year-2 (2000-01)

Moving Smart In RhodeIsland

-Dr.Joan Peckham, Dr.Lisa Dipippo and Dr.Christopher Hunter

Year-3 (2001-02)

Intelligent and Traffic Anomaly Diagnosis through the Integration of Diverse Information Sources

-Dr.Joan Peckham,Dr.Lisa Dipippio,Dr.Jean-Yves Hervé,Dr.Christopher Hunter

Year-4 (2002-03)

Travel Time Prediction in Rhode Island

-Dr.Joan Peckham,Dr.Lisa Dipippio,Dr.Jean-Yves Hervé,Dr.Christopher Hunter

Year-5 (2003-04)

Using Real-Time Traffic Data to Improve Traffic Flow

Dr.Joan Peckham,Dr.Lisa Dipippio,Dr.Jean-Yves Hervé,Dr.Christopher Hunter

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