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Student Presentations

Each presentation must be developed individually. The goal is to become an expert in one of the following topics and prepare a presentation for the class. According to the dates below, a maximum of 25 minutes will be given to students for their presentations. The deliverable is a set of slides in PDF format related to the topic of your choice.

Each student must collect feedback and get approval from the instructor at least four days before the presentation. Please upload your presentation to Gradescope in advance and let your instructor know about it.

What? When? Who?
Loop Optimizations 11/12 Sam
JIT Compilation (e.g. Numba) 11/12 Mikel
Compiler Optimizations for Parallel Programs 11/17 Tim
Google's TPU Architecture 11/17 Alfred
Neocortex 11/19 Javier
FPGAs 11/19 Brennan
MapReduce 12/03 Jake
OpenACC 12/03 Andrew
OpenCL 12/10 David
DASK 12/10 Kevin


On the day of your presentation, the instructor will be observing and assessing the following items.

  • Introduction provides context and lays out the topic nicely [15 pt]
  • Appropriate amount of material is well-communicated within the allotted time [20 pt]
  • Team appears well-prepared mastering the assigned subject [30 pt]
  • Slides are well-organized, and visual aids are used appropriately [20 pt]
  • Team answers questions correctly [15 pt]