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GPU Server @ Lab

SSH access to knuth

Connecting from anywhere on campus or using the URI VPN

You can connect using the IP address:

$ ssh

Using Jupyter notebooks

I would strongly recommend adding the following entry to your local machine's .ssh/config file:

Host knuth

Step 1

Connect to knuth via SSH and start jupyter from your home directory:

$ ssh knuth
$ jupyter notebook --no-browser --port <PORT>

Provide a random port number to avoid conflicts (use 4 digits). Remember this value as it will be used in the following steps.

Step 2

Connect your local computer to remote jupyter:

ssh knuth -NL <PORT>:localhost:<PORT>

Step 3

Open your favorite browser and go to: https://localhost:<PORT>. If a token is required, then go to the terminal opened in Step 1, and copy the token provided by jupyter.

Step 4

After finishing your work, use Ctrl-C to shutdown jupyter, and close both ssh connections.